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If you’re looking for a single or multi-split air conditioning system, Polar FX have the solution for you..


Polar FX stock only the most reputable brands such as Samsung, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu, with full warranty on labour and parts.


Available in both reverse cycle or cooling only, split system air conditioners are a great way to control the temperature of a single room of your home or business, all year long. As the name suggests, a single split systems include two physical units; an indoor wall-mounted unit which is connected to a larger outdoor unit that circulates temperature-controlled air into the room. A multi-split system is made up of multiple indoor wall-mounted units, and either one or multiple of the outdoor units, as dictated by your specific cooling and heating requirements.

No matter the size of the room you’re looking to air condition, Polar FX has the right split system air conditioning to suit your needs, so get in touch for professional advice or a competitive quote today!

Why Choose Split System Air Conditioning?

Split system air conditioners are so silent that they can be installed in quiet areas such as the bedroom, libraries or classrooms.
Controlling the heating and cooling of a room is very simple and user-friendly. All units come with a remote control or a wall mounted thermostat, making selection of the right temperature a breeze.

Popular Features

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is simple; the indoor unit has a removable, washable filter which can be cleaned by the owner. We recommend servicing your air conditioner every 2.5 years to maximise its performance and life span. Polar FX’s service technicians are always on hand, so get in touch today with any maintenance questions or service requests!


Split systems are the most affordable purchase choice, as you’re only buying one set of units
Running costs are kept to a minimum as you’re only cooling a selected space
Multi-split systems allow you to choose a different type of indoor unit to suit the decor and layout of each room

Popular Features

Multi-Split Vs Single-Split Systems

Multi-split systems are ideal for customers wanting their complete home or business air conditioned, but do not have the roof space for a ducted system
Multi-split systems are also ideal for those who want to control each room temperature, independently
Single split systems are ideal for townhouses and units where space is restricted, for example a body corporate may only allow one unit on a balcony, or there simply might not be enough space for multiple
Single split systems are also ideal for high profile areas where multiple outdoor units are not aesthetically pleasing

Wireless Zoning Control

Most makes of ducted system are able to be controlled remotely with smart AC software. Controlled through a wifi network, you’re able to control the temperature of each room, turn the system to standby or energy saving mode, and set a sleep timer, all with the touch of a button.
Integrate wireless air conditioning control software into your house’s custom digital interface or set up a remote app on your mobile or handheld device!

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Every 3rd Zone is Free

Contact us today for a ducted air conditioning system installation and we’ll throw in every third zone for free!

Your Free Guide

8 things to look for before you install air conditioning in your home

Your Free Guide

8 things to look for before you install air conditioning in your home


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