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Enjoy complete control and superb temperatures all year long with a Ducted Reverse Cycle system.

Ducted air conditioning is the most discreet and practical way of cooling or heating multiple rooms. The air temperature is powered by a large central fan coil, hidden discreetly on the roof. Air is then pumped through a network of ducts housed in your ceiling cavity or mounted underneath the building, if the space is available to do so.

Why Choose ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is an excellent choice for families looking for total comfort and control of temperature in their home. Each room or ‘zone’ can have it’s temperature controlled independently, allowing each occupant to relax in personalised-comfort.

Popular Features

Non Intrusive

The ducting is hidden within the ceiling cavity. All that is visible is a discreet vent which is mounted flush to the ceiling, eliminating the need for an unsightly, noisy split wall unit.


Ducted systems can be installed at the point of construction, or to an existing structure
This type of system will add significant dollar value to your home or business
Zone-specific controls mean you are able to maximise your energy efficiency

Wireless Zoning Control

Most makes of ducted system are able to be controlled remotely with smart AC software. Controlled through a wifi network, you’re able to control the temperature of each room, turn the system to standby or energy saving mode, and set a sleep timer, all with the touch of a button.
Integrate wireless air conditioning control software into your house’s custom digital interface or set up a remote app on your mobile or handheld device!

Special Offer

Every 3rd Zone is Free

Contact us today for a ducted air conditioning system installation and we’ll throw in every third zone for free!

Your Free Guide

8 things to look for before you install air conditioning in your home

Your Free Guide

8 things to look for before you install air conditioning in your home


Finance Packages Available


We are delighted to offer finance for all types of air conditioning installations. To explore finance options available to you, contact us for a quote so that we can firstly supply the price estimate. Within your enquiry, note that you are interested in financing your new system, and our friendly industry finance team will be in touch to discuss a payment route that is tailored to you and your needs.